Thursday, December 27, 2012

ARKS - Episode 2.12 Johari Window

Ayse, Rob, and Simone discuss episode twelve of season two of Fringe!

WTF is a Johari Window? This episode is very reminiscent of X-Files. Talking to inanimate objects isn't weird, everyone does it! Fringe finished filming already, tear tear. Meanwhile, Fringe pays homage to the X-Files. Not rips them off, pays an homage to. Really. Fringe is about freaky science shit that happens and occasionally alternate universes, while X-Files is just about freaky science shit that happens. There's a difference. And we're not pimping out Intro to X. So you should not check out that podcast. Totally not. Meanwhile Peter has his first... kill. I guess the Prague frogs' natural enemies are butterflies! Damn, that's like fighting fire with fire... Devil dogs! Omg, we pulled a Walter and talked about the food in this episode for a while...

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