Sunday, December 16, 2012

ARKS - Episode 2.11 Unearthed

Ayse, Rob, Kelly Jo, and Simone discuss episode eleven of season one really, but it's in season two of Fringe! Sorry the talking seems to go a little fast, experimenting with a new editing style.

Hey, isn't Charlie supposed to be dead? So... that actress. Why did she talk in that voice if they showed later on that being possessed by that guy doesn't really change her voice at all? Frogs. WHY DOES THE MOTHER AND THE DAUGHTER HAVE MULLETS?? Olivia better jump Peter's bones soon, cuz there's a seventeen year old after him too. Rusk's radioactive energy went up in the air when he died and Lisa sucked it up like a psychic vacuum because she was in a coma. Makes sense. Then Walter does an exorcism, with SCIENCE!

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