Sunday, April 6, 2014

ARKS - Episode 3.16 OS

Ayse, Rob, Kelly Jo, and Simone are joined by Patrick and they discuss the sixteenth episode of season three of Fringe!

Hey, this must be Fringe's version of Up, but instead of balloons, we have a bunch of floaty dead guys! Here's a challenge for you Hollywood, stop writing about father and son issues, it's been done. Bellivia is what happens when Leonard Nimoy retires from acting. This is why you should never retire. Kelly just has a lot of feelings. Whatever, it's Fringe.

Off topic subjects include: Lost, Kim Possible, Christy Carlson Romano and her nude scene, Glee, Sleepy Hollow, Kirk Acevedo on Person of Interest, the Firefly comics, How I Met Your Father, and Agents of SHIELD.

Listen here. 

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