Monday, December 2, 2013

ARKS - Episode 3.10 The Firefly

Ayse, Rob, Kelly Jo, and Simone are joined by German Daniel and they discuss the tenth episode of season three of Fringe!

This episode of ObserverCast is brought to you by espresso! It's kind of ironic we talk about how Pacey's gonna play a cowboy in this episode. It's Kelly's world, we just live in it. Her yawns sound like chainsaws so we don't question it. How the hell is Kelly even close to sounding like Astrid? Ooh, the next time I want someone to drink milk, I'll break up a bank robbery and steal someone's inhaler.

Off topic subjects include: Firefly (and the fan documentary), Back to the Future, Agents of SHIELD (nothing spoilery, this was recorded a couple weeks before it premiered), Doctor Who, CBS (and the fact that they and their viewers don't know what the internet is), wasabi (we seriously have a 5 minute discussion on this), 30 Rock, Tina Fey's daughters, the upcoming Mean Girls Musical, spoilers for Bones!, Ryan Murphy's upcoming tv movie Open, Glee, Raven Simone, Lost, and The Heat.

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