Sunday, September 8, 2013

ARKS - Episode 3.07 The Abducted…

Ayse, Rob, Kelly Jo, and Simone discuss the seventh episode of season three of Fringe!

What kind of name is The Candyman for a kidnapper? Because he really mixes it with love to make the world taste good! And we temporarily turn into the Powerpuff Girls again. So Fringe basically yoinked the first scene from Monsters Inc, y/y? Peter should have known it was not the right Olivia: she doesn't like music! Damn penises, he would have known if they didn't always get in the way! And Kelly tries to convince us to watch Teen Wolf. We're watching Eric Estrada next?

Off topic subjects include: The Powerpuff Girls (not joking), Teen Wolf (you know you gotta ship Sterek!), a Doctor Who/Les Miserables mashup, Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel(SPOILERS! for season six of Buffy and season four of Angel at about 33:25 to 33:56).

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