Saturday, August 3, 2013

ARKS - Season 2 Wrap Up

Ayse, Rob, Kelly, and Simone (off and on) discuss the season two finale of Fringe!

But not before we talk about the Spice Girls for a good couple minutes! Honestly though, if we were the Spice Girls, Rob would definitely be Posh! Our tagline should just be "Skype is a bitch". Olivia Newton John and the Shapeshifters, we'd see that band! Joshua Jackson doesn't act, he's simply Joshua Jackson. Lincoln will be know as New Guy forever more. Or Crispy Guy if you're feeling sassy.

Off topic discussions include: Spice Girls, January Jones, Broadway, Nick Jonas, Buffy (spoilers for s6 at about 15:30 and again at 16:00), Investigating Mars (it might just become a regular segment on our show), the Veronica Mars kickstarter, Veronica Mars in general kinda, similar motifs in JJ Abrams shows, and SPOILERS! for the last episode of Felicity @ about 24:30.

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