Sunday, April 14, 2013

ARKS - Episode 2.21 Northwest Passage

Ayse, Rob, Kelly Jo, and Simone  are joined by John Pavlich to discuss season two episode twenty one of Fringe!

AKA the Twin Peaks episode. With bonus X-Files references! A body wrapped in plastic? What is this, Dexter? So we finally learn the identity of a certain Mr. F-- I mean, the Secretary. OMG, THE SUPER AWESOME AMAZING STRAWBERRY FLAVORED SURPRISE IS REVEALED IN THIS EPISODE!!! The best line ever is in this episode, btw. Walter excels at two things: making stuff blow up and making us cry. Wait so, the fringe event of this episode wasn't even a fringe event?? Wtf! The moral of this story is to not eat Pop-Tarts. And that's why you never leave the podcast during a recording.

Off topic subjects include: accents, spring break (jesus this is late), the Much Ado About Nothing trailer, Aussie Comic-con, mix cds, Castle (cuz c'mon, the female cop in this episode is trying to find out who killed her parents?!?!), Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Girls for a sec, Shameless (US edition), The Wire, Southwest passages, Pop-Tarts, PotentialCast (when don't we talk about it, tbh), Buffy spoilers for S5 and S6 from 58:15 to 1:01:16, Dexter, a lot of dirty jokes, John Noble's career and future Oscar, and Hugh Jackson.

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