Sunday, April 14, 2013

ARKS - Episode 2.19 The Man From the Other Side

Ayse, Rob, and Simone are joined by guest Mollie and guest ObserverKitty Harley to discuss episode nineteen of season two!

Nope, not the nineteenth episode. That's the next one. OBSERVERCAST DOES NOT ADVOCATE THE USE OF DRINKING TO DROWN YOUR PROBLEMS... except that it kinda does. This episode is a prime example of why you should not do drugs or else you'll be viciously killed by shapeshifters born from Lady GaGa eggs. Poor baby shapeshifter... Astrid's middle name is now officially Marie and she will now be referred to as Astrid Marie Farnsworth (yes, just like Olivia Newton John). But seriously, didn't you love when blahblahblah happened to Buffy and then blahblahblah happened and it affected blahblahblah and they turned blahblahblah?!?!

Off topic subjects include: Roswell, Supernatural, Human Target for a hot second, Game of Thrones and Richard Madden's face, Community, Independence Day, Iphone apps, Star Trek, Terminator and Linda Hamilton's boobs, Elementary (which is superior to Sherlock btw), the future Star Trek movie starring Lucy Liu as Spock, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Lost! Believe it or not, we actually stayed on topic for most of this episode!

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